“Sex and the City” fans will recall that infamous scene in the first feature film when Charlotte questions Carrie about the item in her hair. “It was a bird!” Carries cries, “I put a bird in my hair for him!” While you may not want to go as far as fashion forward Carrie went to look fabulous on her wedding day, feathers are definitely an accessory you can have fun with and make a fashionable statement.

Feathers are often worn in brides’ hair. Whether they are small and single, or used as an accent piece underneath a flower hair clip, they add texture, glamour and a modern appeal to a wedding day look. Feathers look great in textured and tousled hair — like corkscrew curls or loose waves, since the hair is already voluminous and in glamor girl mode. They also appear frequently attached to head bands. These feathery accessories are carried by designers that can be found at New York Bride & Groom.

Some brag-worthy hair accessories can be found in Bel Aire Bridal’s line. Style number 1951 is made up of roses, feathers and rose sprays that sit on a comb to be easily placed on your sculpted up-do. Another great feather accessory in the line is comb number 1956. It’s comprised of organza flower petals with feathers intermittently placed among them.

Feathers are also spotted on dresses. Some are adorned around the bride’s bust line, or gracefully fall off the shoulder line. It is also trendy to wear them lining the bottom portion of your dress to create fullness, drama and consistency.  Designer Maggie Soterro’s Kristen dress has a pretty feather and flower embellishment that sits strategically above the hip of the gown.

Think about letting the feathers fly on your wedding day — they are fun, flirty and fantastically fabulous!