Marilyn Monroe certainly got it right when she performed her most famous song. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — especially on her wedding day. However, choosing accessories for yourself and/or your bridal party can become a daunting task. Let New York Bride & Groom assist you on your search for the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelets (and more) to achieve your dream day look.

Before shopping, determine what piece of jewelry you are looking for and what kind of statement you want that piece to make. Many brides base this decision on their personality. If they are naturally dramatic or love being the center of attention, their accessories are often large, chunky statement pieces — like thick rhinestone chokers or opera length necklaces. More reserved and classic brides tend to gravitate toward modest drop earrings or delicate pieces like diamond bangle bracelets. Search for accessories that fit who you are and complete the look you wish to achieve on your day.

Cuts, styles and embellishment on dresses also play a role in choosing accessories. For example, if you have a high-cut neckline, or lots of sparkle on your dress already, many brides choose to go a more natural route and opt for classic diamond studs or small diamond chandelier earrings.

When in doubt, turn to Hollywood for some inspiration. Sure, the starlets have access to the world’s finest jewels, made by the world’s most fabulous jewelers, but you can get their look by shopping for similar styled items. Looking through pictures of the latest awards shows like the Oscars or Grammys can inspire you and also educate you on the current trends.

Actresses and performers set the bar high when it comes to accessories and you can too just by looking around a bit. Vendors such as Bel Aire Bridal have beautiful pieces. Notice that item number J2009 looks very similar to Mariska Hargitay’s stones.

Visit New York Bride & Groom to find the perfect jewelry for your special day. Because, square cut or pear shape — these rocks don’t lose their shape, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!