Wedding Accessories


Marilyn Monroe certainly got it right when she performed her most famous song. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — especially on her wedding day. However, choosing accessories for yourself and/or your bridal party can become a daunting task. Let New York Bride & Groom assist you on your search for the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelets (and more) to achieve your dream day look.

Before shopping, determine what piece of jewelry you are looking for and what kind of statement you want that piece to make. Many brides base this decision on their personality. If they are naturally dramatic or love being the center of attention, their accessories are often large, chunky statement pieces — like thick rhinestone chokers or opera length necklaces. More reserved and classic brides tend to gravitate toward modest drop earrings or delicate pieces like diamond bangle bracelets. Search for accessories that fit who you are and complete the look you wish to achieve on your day.

Cuts, styles and embellishment on dresses also play a role in choosing accessories. For example, if you have a high-cut neckline, or lots of sparkle on your dress already, many brides choose to go a more natural route and opt for classic diamond studs or small diamond chandelier earrings.

When in doubt, turn to Hollywood for some inspiration. Sure, the starlets have access to the world’s finest jewels, made by the world’s most fabulous jewelers, but you can get their look by shopping for similar styled items. Looking through pictures of the latest awards shows like the Oscars or Grammys can inspire you and also educate you on the current trends.

Actresses and performers set the bar high when it comes to accessories and you can too just by looking around a bit. Vendors such as Bel Aire Bridal have beautiful pieces. Notice that item number J2009 looks very similar to Mariska Hargitay’s stones.

Visit New York Bride & Groom to find the perfect jewelry for your special day. Because, square cut or pear shape — these rocks don’t lose their shape, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Celebrating The Beauty Of Wedding Accessories

Bel Aire Bridal, Rhinestone Tie Headband, style 6622: Enjoy this twinkling, open-design rhinestone headband. Silver filigree shimmers with radiant stones and an intricate, weave design. The headband features sparkling satin ties to ensure complete comfort. Personalize your hairstyle and your bridal look with this radiant accessory. Available in Silver. Note the model is also wearing the V8334 1-tier elbow veil with Swarovski rhinestone edge.

Settle Every Last Detail At NYB&Co.

Trying on your bridal accessories along with your wedding gown makes finding the perfect finishing touches much easier. Seeing the complete vision will help you determine if you are choosing something too plain or too busy. It is easy to fall in love with a variety of gorgeous options, from headpieces to earrings to bracelets. The key is finding the ones that best fit your look. We love the fantastic selection that Bel Aire Bridal offers. Learn more about this expansive collection:

As a company, Bel Aire Bridal strives to create a special treasure for every bride. From glittering tiaras to romantic combs, vintage headwraps to sparkling hair pins, we have a look for you! Bridal veils range from simple ribbon or cut edges and dainty, beaded designs to lace trims and extensively embroidered masterpieces. Our diverse line offers pieces at various price points to accommodate different budgets, as we realize that no two weddings—or brides—are alike!

Bel Aire Bridal 2-Tier Veil, style V7415C: Classic elegance is yours with this dual two-tier veil design that combines elbow and cathedral length veils. Imagine wearing this headpiece forward for the walk down the aisle and then flipping it back at the altar for a dramatic cascading look. A simple ribbon edge completes this gorgeous design. Available colors: white, diamond white, latte or ivory.

Match Your Veil With Your Gown Style

We recommend trying on a variety of veil lengths to determine which best suits your wedding dress and ceremony. Our seasoned bridal consultants can recommend the best veil options to compliment every dress style. We know you’ll enjoy trying on different veils, headpieces and jewelry options at NYB&Co. to polish your look from head to high heel.

Wedding Ideas Mag has some great accessory options to consider:

There are many ways of accessorizing every dress, it’s simply a case of choosing the right accessories, which are in keeping with your style and overall look. Vintage lace looks fabulous with darker, silver accessories, as they have a more ornate look.

Choose a vintage-style side tiara that incorporates both crystals and pearls. Pearls are an elegant and traditional way of maintaining a vintage look while crystals set on darker silver give a touch of sparkle without being too modern. Read more at Wedding Ideas Mag


Bel Aire Bridal, Shoulder Jewelry, style SH208: Sparkling shoulder jewelry completely transforms your wedding attire. This option pairs well with sweetheart necklines and strapless wedding gowns. Shimmer your way down the aisle with this elegant piece draping your shoulders in front and back. Gorgeous floral patterns, intricate beadwork and appliques are all part of this exquisite accessory. Available in silver.

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